Top 3 Nepali Removals in Sydney

Written by: Anaa Nepal

03 Mar, 2023

Top 3 Nepali Removals in Sydney

Without a question, relocating is a challenging task. Often, the pleasure of a new home is accompanied by the stress of physically packing and relocating all of one’s stuff.

A majority of international students move to Sydney to stay closer to their new workplace or education. People also move interstate for immigration purposes or when they buy a new house.

Almost all of us are likely to have at least one moving-related horror tale, either from personal experience or from a friend. From the packing to underestimating how many belongings you have and how long the relocation would take. Or even stuff being broken on transit.

This is where movers come in. So, what is a removalist exactly? Some would refer to them as magicians since they are responsible for transporting and unloading all of your belongings.

What is a removalist?

Removalists are expert movers who relieve the burden of packing, moving, and relocating off you. They can help you move to a new suburb, a new city or even a different state. If you need to hire a photographer, please check out; Top Nepali Photographers in Sydney.

Top 3 Nepali Removals in Sydney

BTC Removals

BTC Removals is one of the most prominent and trusted Nepali removalist in Sydney. They are in business for over 10 years and provide robust customer service. Whether it be house removal, furniture removal or inter state removal, with BTC Removals you are all covered.

Contact number: 0450 791 619


KTM Removals

KTM Removals is a known name in the community with years of experience in relocating houses, offices and more. They claim that their first priority is safety and security.

Contact number: 0434 882 448


Pokhara Removals

Pokhara Removals is the right team to approach for any kind of move. Their well trained team provides affordable services which covers packing, moving, and unpacking. They are really dedicated to customer service and take care of their customers very well.

Contact number: 0450 696 823


When do you need a removalist in Sydney?

Removalists often provide a range of service levels, from the basic and straightforward duty of transferring your belongings from A to B to a luxury package that includes packing and unpacking your whole home. So, if a big move is round the corner, you need a Nepali Removalist.

How much do removalists charge in Sydney?

The cost of hiring a removalist in Sydney varies from $400 to $5000. It depends on a lot of things such as number of men required, tike taken, distance travelled and more. Also, most of the removalists are insured but if someone quoted you too cheap to believe than please make sure that the removalist is insured.

Tips to reduce cost of removalist service

  • Make everything prepared for the removalists
  • If you live in higher floor, offer them help to get stuff downstairs
  • Do the packing and unpacking by yourself
  • Give your removalist a hand and hire just one person